Ignore me I just need to do a thing

If you could see my journal…. All I’ve learned in the past month is that you cant trust boys with shy smiles and hazy eyes. They will treat you with kindness and call you cute and make you feel special, but it wont mean a thing. They are good with their words because they are an artist without a paintbrush, painting beautiful stories with their words. Do not fall for it. Once they have had their fun the stories will stop, and you wont hear another word. Not a trace of the past will last except for a few stupid messages that remind you of what happened. Though the time will be short, it will have an impact. You’ll fall for them faster and harder than anyone before, and then it will hurt twice as much. What makes it even worse is you’ll see their updates about how they don’t like feelings and they are hurt too, but you will know it’s got nothing to do with you, you’re long forgotten. So remember, don’t trust boys with shy smiles and hazy eyes that have a way with words.